Welcome to Phoenix

We believe technology is an integral part of any successful organization and we are honored to provide our clients a creative, simplified approach to various office technology needs. From Structured Cabling to professional Sound Masking, we have the solutions to aid in your success.


Our Expertise

Phoenix Office Technology Services (POTS) has over 50 years of executive, management, and field experience in the communications cabling industry. During those earliest times to the present, we have spent our time building a culture of unshakable integrity, efficiency, and creativity. We truly enjoy working with our clients and excel in communicating the best solutions to produce the most satisfactory results. You can rest assured that our seasoned professionals will apply their knowledge and foresight to meet both the current and future needs of your organization.


Our Services

The grand amount of experience Phoenix possesses has equipped us to provide the most thorough and comprehensive services to aid in the success of your organization. 

Structured Cabling

The essential backbone of your office communications is our specialty. From the initial design to the final testing, we make sure your network is structured reliably, efficiently, and with future growth in mind. Whatever your cabling need is, be it copper or fiber optic, we can take care of you.

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Sound Masking

Let us introduce you to the valuable benefits of the Cambridge QT PRO® & Dynasound PRO™ Sound Masking Systems. Surround your workforce with a pleasantly soft, low level background sound to reduce distractions, increase productivity, and enhance speech privacy. We can provide either an In-Plenum or Direct Field system to fit the specific needs of your work space.

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Here at Phoenix, we are wired into all manner of communication and office technology. The business environments of today have many moving pieces ,treated separately, with a variety of vendors filling the needs of each project. Our approach simplifies the process by working each project as a piece of the greater whole, allowing us to fill your technology needs as we progress from one task to the next. Take a look at our Services Page for more.