Sound Masking

Cambridge Sound Masking is one of our premier services and very popular with many of our clients. This valuable acoustic solution will surround your workforce with a soft, low level background sound to reduce office & verbal distractions and increase productivity. 


Structured Cabling

The infrastructure cabling of your business is the foundation that your voice and data network is built upon. Your communications network will perform its weakest link. Don’t risk your technology investment on an inferior data cabling infrastructure or installation.



Audio / Video Services

We can help move, install, re-install, and wire your office electronics. Here are a few extra things we can take care of:


For the times you need to move, install, or re-wire your office TV, Phoenix can help you. With professional care, we will make sure your brilliant displays are centered exactly where you want them, whether it’s the conference room, lobby, or private office. We will also find the most practical and discrete method of wiring your TV for optimal aesthetic.


Projectors are another preferred visual medium for the business world that we can also mount, move, and install. We’ll work with you to identify the best placement for optimal presentation and wire your device to ensure the highest quality display.


If you are looking for a way to set up new or existing speakers for paging or music, Phoenix can move and install speakers in your work space. For the best and most cost-efficient solution, however, we strongly recommend looking into our Sound Masking service for a 3-in-1 solution to meet your acoustic needs. The direct-field emitters in many of the QT PRO® systems are a great solution for music, paging, and of course, sound masking.