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What is Sound Masking?


Noisy Office?

Sound is like water. It doesn’t have shape or form, but molds itself to its surroundings. Sound, like water, can be absorbed by some materials and contained by others.

Modern workplaces feature fewer private offices and lower workstation partitions. The desire to create an environment of high energy and collaboration in an open office design has led to a decrease in structural materials designed to mitigate unwanted noise.  Sleek office designs that incorporate glass, metal, and concrete may be more open, but these hard surfaces only reflect sound and contribute to these acoustic distractions. 

Speech Privacy
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noisy office Verbal distractions can completely break focus


This issue is widely known. Recent studies on workplace satisfaction showed that speech was consistently ranked #1 as the primary detriment to employee focus. Verbal distractions were also the highest rated complaint in regards to employee comfort. The repeated interruptions these distractions cause result in many workers constantly having to realign their train of thought. This leads to the inconvenience of having to re-check work, or taking time to fix errors, which means less time being productive.


Speech Privacy

Within the halls of a hospital, speech travels. Through the walls and ceiling of a law office, words can be heard. In the pharmacy waiting area, the name and details of a treatment is heard clearly by others. The details of a private meeting, the chatter within the open office, and the sensitive details of company finances are carried in the air into the twitching ears of everyone nearby. In the examples above, the solution is to find a secure place to speak. Clients and partners are led to conference rooms or private offices for closed-door discussions. Health professionals lead patients or colleagues into secure environments to discuss Personal Health Information to comply with HIPAA laws. Many times, however, the walls are too thin, the insulation is too light, and the ceiling is too open. Pieces of your confidential discussions slip between the cracks for others to hear. This is a fundamental issue for nearly every profession and industry. In order to better protect these conversations, a more thorough layer of acoustic protection is needed.


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The Sound Masking we provide is a cost-friendly and versatile system that can be used in a wide range of organizations. If you have any questions about how it can benefit your organization, contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions. 

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