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Modern healthcare has made incredible leaps in the treatment of its patients with healthcare facilities designed to develop and utilize the most ideal method to heal both body and mind. At the core of such advanced forms of healing is the age old prescription of “get plenty of rest.” To make sure they can rest well and feel comfortable outside of their own beds hospitals surround their patients with a variety of amenities.

Despite these efforts, many patients will still hear the chatter next door, or the noise in the hallways. Since sleep is an integral part of the body’s own recuperative power, these distractions are more than inconvenient and the limited rest can result in slower recovery times. Studies have shown that Sound Masking within patient rooms significantly lower unwanted noise to aid in better rest. With a quieter environment, patients felt more at ease and had an overall better opinion of their care.

Sound Masking patient rooms can result in an increase to the “Quiet at Night” measurement on the HCAHPS.

Enhance Patient Confidentiality

Caring for your patients also means protecting their personal health information. In addition to complying with HIPAA requirements, there is also a need to make patients feel more comfortable when speaking about the sensitive details of their health. During their time at the nurses station, waiting areas, or pharmacies, conversations can carry to the ears of others around them. Many patients who overhear such information become apprehensive to share their own information with their provider. This lack of confidence can make your patient uncomfortable and less likely to fully disclose information to a healthcare professional. Since Sound Masking limits the intelligibility of human speech, your patient can feel more comfortable and able to speak freely without their words being understood by others. Thus confidence is restored and HIPAA requirements are met.

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The comfort and privacy of your patients is very important. We are more than happy to answer any additional questions and provide you with more information.

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