A Sound Decision

Sound Masking open office
Sound Masking office
Sound Masking from distractions
Sound travels far in open office areas

The workplace has changed and adapted to become a more collaborative environment for employees as fewer private offices and more open floor plans have become more common. While these changes aim for a more comfortable and visually pleasing environment, there is also an overlooked impact on office acoustics. Many new office designs typically sacrifice a number of materials that absorb and dampen sound in favor of surfaces that reflect sound throughout the office.

With fewer materials to block unwanted sound, and a high number of open desk areas, office chatter and workplace noise can build up to become an unwelcome distraction. These distractions often lead to worker mistakes and costly reductions in productivity. In fact, most employees find their attention stolen by outside speech once every 11 minutes and an average of 21.5 minutes a day is lost due to conversational distractions. Across even a modest workforce, that can lead to a serious loss of valuable production time.

Speech Privacy
Sound Masking noise
Verbal distractions can completely break focus

Sound Masking will significantly reduce those distractions by incorporating a soft, ambient sound specifically designed to lessen the impact that human speech has on our attention. That means much fewer distractions and a greater return on productivity.

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